Usually when I go to San Francisco, I know what I want to do. I would have somewhat of a plan and a list of things I want to see. I had already gone to SF the day before with my friend, Sarah, and I was pretty exhausted. Starting at around 7:30AM, Alan and I had a nice drive, filled… View Post

You’ve seen Sarah (no, not me) on the blog before when we shot a portrait session in Laguna. She and I were close friends in college but we both found our paths leading back home. She lives only an hour away from me, so we decided to reunite for a trip to San Francisco. Taking off at sunrise, we reached… View Post

 Even though I tend to post a lot of my photography work, what I publish is only a small portion. There are other sessions and adventures that I either forget or wait to post on. The last time I did a roundup of some of my portraits, it was pretty sparse. I can still remember how nervous/anxious/excited I was to… View Post

 Even though I only attended college for one year, there are definitely things I wish I knew before my freshman year. I absolutely loved my school and the people I met, and not going back has a bittersweet taste. I remember lots of different people giving me different advice, and I might be one of those people for you. Giving you advice… View Post

Hold on, currently fulfilling a childhood ‘dream’ of mine!!! I have been reading blogs for years, ever since I was little(ish). I remember obsessing over “what’s in my bag?” posts in particular, mostly from here. Guys, I cannot even begin to tell you how badly I wanted to start a blog when I was younger, and now that I have… View Post

The indie sister group, Joseph, delivers killer harmonies and eloquent lyricism within their folk-rock centered sound. I saw them perform at a free concert on my school campus a few months ago and they completely blew me away. I knew the song “Cloudline” from my Spotify Discover playlist and when I saw the event poster, I squealed with joy. I… View Post

If you know anything about me, chances are that you know how much I love lemonade. And this past Saturday was ‘national lemonade day’, aka now one of my favorite days of the year. To celebrate this glorious occasion, one of my favorite restaurants, Lemonade, released six limited edition lemonade flavors for Saturday only! Not to mention they gave away… View Post