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Park Winters Summerland 2019

I don’t have a lot of “bucket list” items or specific goals as far as my photography goes. Yeah, there are certain kinds of shoots and wedding locations that would be lovely, but I don’t necessarily have a “goal” to shoot them. If it happens, it happens.

But I…

Shop Flore Fall ’18 Lookbook

One October afternoon, I collaborated with Shop Flore for their fall lookbook. I think the most special part about this whole shoot was getting to work with girls that I met working through Madewell. Kimi, the owner of Shop Flore, and I both started at Madewell within a few weeks…

Summer in Santorini, Greece

Coming straight from Paris, a new and unexpected experienced waited for me in Santorini. Back originally when this trip was starting to form, my friend Katie joked that I should meet her in Europe again this summer. “I’ve always wanted to go to Greece; we should go!”. Oh Katie,…