Truthfully, this is more of a photoset than an actual travel post. But I had been wanting to go to Sunset Cliffs for almost a year at this point, so here we are. Last weekend, I drove down to LA to visit my college friends. Conveniently enough, my best friends from high school were visiting at the same time, so… View Post

During spring break of my senior year in high school, I took the trip of a lifetime with my best friends: two glorious weeks wandering around Europe. Our stops? Paris, Barcelona, the French Riviera, Pisa, Florence, Rome. I remember wanting to start a blog before I left so that I could update family back home about my travels. Even when I first… View Post

I am constantly inspired when I’m surrounded by people who love what they do. I got to meet a few photographers/bloggers when they gathered one September evening to do some yoga. My friend Jenny recommended me to fill in for her to shoot the event and I happily obliged; Haley then reached out to me and gave me the details for… View Post

Guys! This session finally happened! Angel and I had been trying to get together since Thanksgiving of last year! Every time we set a time, something or another would come up and we would have to reschedule. This summer, we resolved that we would have to meet before she left to go to Oregon for college. Once again, we kept rescheduling… View Post

Finding inspiration is incredibly important to any endeavor, creative or not. Especially as a photographer, and even as a ‘blogger’, I don’t want to put out uninspired content. I have been through plenty of creative blocks, and it’s difficult. Being someone who loves to create, I become easily frustrated when I’m at a standstill. The same goes for any entrepreneur/business owner/human… View Post

Usually when I go to San Francisco, I know what I want to do. I would have somewhat of a plan and a list of things I want to see. I had already gone to SF the day before with my friend, Sarah, and I was pretty exhausted. Starting at around 7:30AM, Alan and I had a nice drive, filled… View Post

You’ve seen Sarah (no, not me) on the blog before when we shot a portrait session in Laguna. She and I were close friends in college but we both found our paths leading back home. She lives only an hour away from me, so we decided to reunite for a trip to San Francisco. Taking off at sunrise, we reached… View Post