December Mixtape

December Mixtape

Most of my music posts are based on my favorite tracks of a singular artist, but I’m always listening to playlists that fit my mood and that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s only one artist. I wanted to share a playlist of different songs that I’m currently listening to, because the music I love is so much more than an artist’s whole album. I realize that if I did a post for every song that I fell in love with, well, that would be way too much for me to handle. I love the Discover playlist on Spotify; it’s a 30 song playlist curated from recommendations based off of the other music you listen to. I have found many great songs/bands through this playlist and I love checking my new recommendations on Mondays. Most of the songs I’m listening to right now (if not all of them actually) were found through my Spotify Discover. Here’s my current December playlist:

Another Story | The Head and The Heart

Morocco | Moon Taxi

Elation | Isbells

Toothpaste Kisses | The Maccabees

City | ADHDS

Unaware | Allen Stone

Sedona | Houndmouth

Until We Get There | Lucius

Amsterdam | Gregory Alan Isakov

Slow Motion | PHOX

Chicago | Sufjan Stevens

Do you have any song recommendations? I’d love to listen to some new music!

December 13, 2015