Weekend Links V07

Weekend Links V07 | SarahMichiko.com

Recently, my dear friend and fellow blogger Alex and I were talking about what she’s been doing lately and she mentioned that she was trying to blog at least once a week. While I wish I could spend more time on my photography and blogging my little heart out, I’m afraid I’ve lost time. Over the last couple years of having this space, I always (sadly) fluctuate with my commitment to it. My weekend links posts are a way for me to summarize my life in a fun way without too much effort.

  1. This stylish couple at Berlin Fashion week.
  2. A recent obsession with this blog and this shoot and this shoot.
  3. Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence’s friendship.
  4. For a long time, I have had this shoot-concept-idea of a girl drowning in tinsel garb with glittery disco vibes. I remember searching (more like scouring) the internet for a dress or coat of tinsel, but always came up short. By an act of God, I stumbled upon Rachel Burke’s work and messaged her immediately. I hope in the future I’ll be able to use one of her pieces for a shoot.
  5. These Free People boots.
  6. I’ve always been skeptical of online subscription classes, but the internet keeps shoving one particular class in my face: Annie Leibovitz’s Masterclass. This may quite possibly be the only online class that I would spend real money on. I rewatch the ads over and over, and I feel inspired every time.
  7. This handmade sweater. The pink and gold color combo plus those sleeves!
  8. I practically screamed when I saw that George Ezra started his own podcast. I’m not the biggest Ed Sheeran fan, but I’m sure it will be fun listening to future episodes.
January 25, 2018
March 5, 2018