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May 2018 Playlist

Yeah, Taylor Swift has made an appearance on one of my playlists. May was just a weird month, probably the weirdest. Not that it matters, but sorry for taking so long to get this post up. First of all, it’s mid (late) June and I have too many ideas…

April 2018 Playlist

My April playlist, this time with one condition: do not shuffle. The first portion of the playlist is in order, and it’s magical, so don’t shuffle whatever you do.

Some of the memories attached to these songs:

Only listening to Laura Marling’s suite on repeat for days at a time…

Weekend Links V08

*Cue the song Weekend by Priory.* This weekend links round-up is brought to you by my first Saturday to myself in 8 weeks. That’s right, 8 weeks. Work, shoots, birthday parties, travel, it’s all fun (don’t get me wrong!) but I can’t remember the last Saturday I had when…

March 2018 Playlist

I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that this might be my favorite playlist so far. From songs I hear at work to old favorites from ages past, this playlist truly encapsulates my month.

Creature Fear // I swear, Bon Iver music complements gloomy + rainy days. A…

February 2018 Playlist

I swear, every time I blog, I realize how much I don’t blog. Ideally, I’d love to throw blog posts up weekly or twice weekly. January felt like a slow roll and February flew by like the blink of an eye.

Quick recap:

Artifact Uprising reposted my photo (yay!)

Weekend Links V07

Recently, my dear friend and fellow blogger Alex and I were talking about what she’s been doing lately and she mentioned that she was trying to blog at least once a week. While I wish I could spend more time on my photography and blogging my little heart out,…

January 2018 Playlist

Beware: I may or may not get unnecessarily introspective, but you can skip ahead and listen to my January playlist. New year, new tunes.
I think the key theme for this playlist (and for this year) is making monuments. Not literal stone monuments, but commemorating the little things in big…

An Autumnal Playlist

Close your eyes. Just kidding, you can’t close your eyes because then you wouldn’t be able to read this. But you get the point.

Imagine this: you are in the passenger seat of your best friend’s car. Your roll down the window and you lean your head out to feel…