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  • Listen Up: Joseph

    August 30, 2016

    The indie sister group, Joseph, delivers killer harmonies and eloquent lyricism within their folk-rock centered sound. I saw them perform at a free concert…

  • End of Summer Playlist

    August 17, 2016
    End of Summer Playlist

    I used to be very consistent posting my monthly playlists. So when summer approached, I prepared myself to create the three most epic summer playlists…

  • April Playlist

    April 19, 2016
    Balboa Island Playlist | Sarah Michiko

    In the first week or so of the month, I didn’t listen to any music mostly because I was too busy. But the second…

  • March Playlist

    March 24, 2016
    Dripp Coffee in Fullerton, CA

    March is coming to a close and I am currently on my way home for break! (This post was scheduled in advance, I’m not…

  • Listen Up: Dan Croll

    March 20, 2016
    Dan Croll

    First and foremost, my sister and I are two different kinds of people, especially when it comes to music. So when she sent me…

  • February Playlist

    February 24, 2016
    February Playlist

    I finally re-downloaded Spotify on my phone and am back on a great music grind. Although February is the month of love because of…

  • January Playlist

    January 27, 2016
    January Playlist

    Yes, I know that January ends in a few days. But that will not stop me from sharing the tracks that have gotten me…