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Big Sur: Pfeiffer Beach

And now for the final part of my Big Sur adventure. I hope you’ve enjoyed part one and two; this part may have to be my favorite.
Pfeiffer Beach
After seeing McWay Falls in gorgeous afternoon light, we (literally) chased the sunset to Pfeiffer Beach. Unfortunately, the park employee wouldn’t let…

Big Sur: Part Two

And now for part two! I hope you enjoyed part one of my Big Sur adventure (check it out if you haven’t already!). I left off on our excursion to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and McWay Falls, but I’ll be sharing my pictures of the McWay in this post….

Big Sur: Part One

This past weekend, some friends and I decided to go (albeit spontaneously) to Big Sur! I had been wanting to go to this beautiful place for over a year now and I cannot believe I had not already been! We experienced so much during this trip so I am…

Griffith Observatory

Since I’ve moved to Los Angeles, my roommate and I have been dreaming about visiting this famous spot. After spending some time in Hollywood and lunch at Lemonade (yum!), we made the drive up to Griffith Observatory, one of the best lookouts…ever.

If you haven’t been to this amazing lookout,…

Pacific Beach

This last weekend was one of the most wonderful times I have had since leaving home. After reuniting with my best friends from high school, we drove down to San Diego the next day, shopping and taking pictures at sunset among the Pacific Beach waves.

We walked up to…