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What’s this blog about? This blog is about inspiration and living life everyday. It’s full of travel photo diaries, music playlists, and everything that I could possibly want to share. I found that I wanted to share so many things with so many different people, but getting caught up in life, I never got around to showing everyone what I wanted to show them. I needed one, unified space where all of my inspirations could exist. I can finally say that after years of longing for this type of creative space, I took the leap and can share my passions with everyone.

Who designed your header? My wonderful friend Mary at Honeywild did!

What camera do you use? As of right now, I currently use a Canon Rebel. It’s a great basic DSLR to learn and grow with, but I hope to upgrade very soon. Another go-to is my iPhone 6s. It takes great pictures, and I sometimes use phone pictures for posts!

Does this blog use affiliate links? does use affiliate links within certain posts, those posts containing a disclosure in the footer. When was launched, quality has always been a primary thought when producing content. I wanted to make sure that no sponsorship or affiliate seemed out of place and that how funds itself stayed true to the primary goal to inspire.