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  • Weekend Links V08

    April 28, 2018
    Weekend Links V08 |

    *Cue the song Weekend by Priory.* This weekend links round-up is brought to you by my first Saturday to myself in 8 weeks. That’s…

  • Weekend Links V07

    February 16, 2018
    Weekend Links V07 |

    Recently, my dear friend and fellow blogger Alex and I were talking about what she’s been doing lately and she mentioned that she was…

  • Weekend Links V06

    October 13, 2017
    Venice Beach California // Weekend Links

    Finally! The weekend has commenced! This week has been as busy as ever. Coming fresh off of my vacation, I threw myself back into…

  • Weekend Links V05

    August 25, 2017
    farmer's market sunflowers at temple coffee sacramento for tinted green shot by

    Here we go: another round of weekend links! Right now, I’m currently in San Diego, dropping my sister off at college (cue all the…

  • Weekend Links V04

    May 19, 2017
    Weekend Links V04

    One of my favorite parts about blogging is sharing my inspiration with others. Maybe someone somewhere will read this and click around on one of…

  • Weekend Links V03

    April 28, 2017
    Weekend Links 03

    Boy oh boy, April has been a hectic month. I feel like I say that every month, but it’s true nonetheless. If we are…

  • Weekend Links V02

    February 17, 2017
    Weekend Links

    Happy Fri-yay! Another day, another week, and I’m very ready for this weekend. Hopefully I’ll get to spend time with my family before spending…

  • Weekend Links V01

    November 18, 2016
    Weekend Links 01

    I feel like I don’t post consistently, but in my defense, life has been hectic to say the least! I’ve been working more hours…