November 18, 2015

Listen Up: Adele

Adele for i-D Magazine by Alasdair McLellan
Adele for i-D Magazine by Alasdair McLellan

Sure, Justin Bieber’s new album is impressive and catchy. Yes, Selena Gomez’s new song is stuck in my head. But that is all going to change this Friday because of one person: Adele.

My mother has been a loyal fan of Adele since she came out with her first album in 2008 and it didn’t take much longer for the rest of the family to fall in love with her. When she launched 21, we were so excited and each pre-ordered the album for ourselves. Then, she skyrocketed up the charts and everyone was saying how much they love Adele.

My mom and I pride ourselves on the fact that we have loved her since the beginning; she is one of the few artists that we have witnessed her entire career before our eyes. When I saw her in concert a couple of years ago, she made me teary-eyed. On Friday, she is releasing her third album 25, and I can already tell you this: it’s gonna be good. Not only did “Hello” simultaneously break records and make celebrities cry within the first week, but her newest single will seriously give you chills.

“When We Were Young” dropped yesterday and it may already be one of my favorite Adele songs ever.

Watch it here:

Some other favorites of mine are Daydreamer, Make You Feel My Love, I Found A Boy, Take It All, and Melt My Heart To Stone.

Adele on repeat for now until forever. What’s your favorite Adele song? Let me know and have a happy Wednesday!

P.S. I get to go home a week from today and I am so excited!


I love Adele… so getting my hand on the new album 25!

There’s no denying that Adele has such a unique, powerful, & voice. But her genre of music is just not really for me. :]

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Hometown Glory is still one of my all time favs, as well as chasing pavements!!! I’m obsessed!!