November 3, 2015

Pacific Beach

     Pacific Beach at San Diego with Pier Boardwalk

This last weekend was one of the most wonderful times I have had since leaving home. After reuniting with my best friends from high school, we drove down to San Diego the next day, shopping and taking pictures at sunset among the Pacific Beach waves.

Friends Hugging in the Sunset Photography

Marina at Mission Beach in San Diego

Friends Laughing on the Beach in San Diego

We walked up to the waves during the last minutes of golden hour and I was completely blown away at the light that illuminated everything.

San Diego Sunset by the Pacific Beach Pier

Pacific Beach Ocean San Diego

Best Friends at Sunset in San Diego

Sunset Light Underneath the San Diego Pier Boardwalk at the Beach

Friends at Sunset in San Diego

I love how some of these pictures turned out! The blue and pink haziness, from the moment right after the sunset, created a film-like effect, right out of a dream.

People at Pacific Beach in San Diego


Sunset with Friends at Pacific Beach in San Diego

People Having Fun at Sunset on the Beach in San Diego

I absolutely cannot wait to see all my beautiful friends again!

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