January 20, 2016

Gift Curiously with Fossil

Fossil Emerson Satchel

Quick disclaimer: I don’t win contests, ever. Usually when I enter any sweepstakes or giveaway, I only enter for fun and I never get my hopes up. About a month before Christmas, I saw one of my favorite blogs announce a Pinterest Challenge in partnership with Fossil. (Side note: before this time, I was skeptical about Fossil as a brand and if their aesthetic fit my personal style. After doing this challenge, I can honestly say that I respect and admire their mission and products, especially their gorgeous watches!). Anyways… if you know me, you would probably know that I love Pinterest. I figured “why not?” and started to assemble my board, most of which inspired another post here. I waited anxiously to see if they would announce the winners; I had actually put a lot of hope into this contest because the winners would be chosen based on their own efforts and not randomly.

Time passes by and one day I get the email I never could have dreamed of. Fossil selected my board as a winner and a few days ago, I received my prize package. Everything was so colorful that I just had to take pictures, plus how cute is it that they included a thank you card!

Gift Curiously with FossilFossil Earring Wardrobe Moleskine and Fossil PencilsFrom Fossil and Jacqueline Watch Fossil Coin Purse and Knot Charm Fossil Emerson Satchel

I can’t wait to put these babies to use! It couldn’t be a better time to get a free notebook either; now I can write down all my thoughts and ideas for the blog and for my new internship!

UPDATE: I totally realized that I didn’t include the board that won me these awesome goodies. You can see it here.