January 3, 2016

Pop of Pink Interior Spaces

Pink Couch

If you follow me on Pinterest, you could easily see what my dream home would consist of: marble everything, copper finishes, and open floor layouts. I was scrolling through my home board to show my mom pictures of farmhouse sinks (my dream) and realized that I’ve been pinning a lot of interior spaces with pops of pink. I have always loved the idea of a sleek, blush sofa in the middle of a monochrome living room, but the pretty hue can add a modern touch to any space. Paired with neutral tones, muted shades of pink can stand out without being overwhelming. A light pink statement wall or pillows in different shades of pink are all it takes for an extra pop.

I love the pale pinks paired with browns and greys or the brighter, more vibrant pinks alongside black and white. AIAYU – AT HOME Pink Couch BY MÖLLEPink Couch in a Monochromatic Living SpaceNorsu InteriorsTropical Bedroom

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All images found via Pinterest.


this is so my style! xx
victoria {curatedinterior.com}

Great picks! Love the workspace photo.

I love the coral color in the last photo ..

Love the way it is combined with green on the last pic! <3