January 6, 2016

In Gloom

Fruit Trees

Being back home means gloomy January days filled with avocado toast and watching reruns of Downtown Abbey with my mom. I glanced out the window on one of these fine days and saw our backyard fruit trees covered in dew. It was a piece of home I never really got the chance to appreciate and seeing the grapefruits, lemons, and mandarins, lit up against the green leaves and the grey sky made me so happy to be where I am right now: at home.

Being back home means reconnecting with old friends. I got to sit down with the very sweet Mary this morning and we talked about life in general; it was nice conversing with a like-minded creative about our endeavors in our lives. I’m home for such a long time that I am making it a point to see everyone I can. Hanging out with my best friends is a must of course and we have exciting plans for our break. I’m just so excited to see where these next few weeks will take me.

Lemon Tree

Grapefruit Tree

Grapefruit Tree