January 1, 2016

My Resolution for 2016

There’s a problem with the hype surrounding New Year’s resolutions. A new year offers a clean slate, a fresh start, and with that comes the opportunity to change ourselves for the better. But why does this sudden motivation only come once at the beginning of the year? Most people will end up losing track of their resolutions and start to plateau for the rest of the year. I am guilty of this as well, but I want that to change. 2015 was, and I’m not exaggerating, the most memorable year I’ve ever lived and I’m trusting that 2016 will not disappoint. (You can read about my 2015 year here.)

I have one “resolution” for this year. Yes, those basic resolutions such as exercising, traveling, learning, growing, etc., are of course part of my plans for 2016, but with one major difference: intention.

Intention and purpose should be behind any change, big or small. To live intentionally everyday, in everything, that’s my goal for this year.


Living intentionally in 2016 will probably most apply to this area of my life. To be mindful of the things I put into my body, to be careful how I expend my energy, to be active in enjoying exercise rather than dreading it. Being healthy shouldn’t be about losing weight (although, I’m very guilty about thinking this way). In 2016, I want to have a fresh energy when I wake up in the morning. I want to feel confident and comfortable in the clothes that I wear. I want to take advantage of my youth while I still have it and to take care of my body because it’s the only one I have.


I want to be intentional in all of my relationships: family, friends, romantic, the whole nine yards. I want to hold a conversation with someone and truly want to hear about their day and how they are. I want to have a purpose behind the things I say and do towards others; in other words, I want to think before I speak. I want to pursue meaningful friendships, showing others that I care about them by serving, giving, laughing and loving. I want to be honest with people with the intention of love and not hurt.


This is something I have struggled with for some time. It has bothered me that social media is now the purpose behind adventure and experience. Go to a concert. Look around and see everyone with their Snapchats out and ready to record the whole concert. I bet you won’t see one person who’s actually watching. This year, I want to capture moments for remembering them, not for showing them off. I want to take in the view without looking at it through my phone screen. I don’t want to worry about getting “the shot”; I want to experience the fresh air, the spontaneity, the fun of it all. As a photographer and now blogger, this concept seems contradictory, but I want to be intentional about what I share and what I choose to capture.

These are my “resolutions” for the 2016 year. These aren’t the only parts of my life where intention will take place, but these are the parts that I feel other can relate to. Do you have any new year resolutions? Happy New Year, everybody! Let’s have a great 2016.


These are great resolutions! I might have to apply them to my way of life in 2016.


That’s a great way to think about things. Thanks for sharing and good luck with keeping your resolutions! Hopefully this post will keep you on track throughout the year!