January 12, 2016

Sleepless in Seattle

Pike Place MarketThis is my second trip to Seattle in the last six months. I love this beautiful city and it is starting to feel like one of my many second homes. Our first stop in the city was a nice bread bowl filled with New England style clam chowder from Lowell’s.

Being able to walk around the city with friends, no plans and lots of time, is one of the most freeing feelings on any trip. We all had so much fun enjoying each other’s company and stopping for some hot chocolate when dusk hit. I tried convincing my friends to walk to the Space Needle from Pike Place, but we got a little lazy (it really isn’t that far of a walk!).

Pike Place Market has always been a favorite of mine; the street performers and the flower markets remind me of San Francisco. If you’re staying downtown, you could probably walk to everything within twenty minutes. The last time I visited Seattle, we walked to everything we wanted to do before late afternoon and had the chance to do some things twice! I only took one day of my road trip to really explore Seattle and that was plenty, but every moment spent in this city is not one wasted.

Seattle's Pike Place MarketDowntown SeattleSeattle's Gum Wall
Pike Place Market Downtown Seattle Downtown Seattle Downtown Seattle

The weather on this day was just perfect and I wish I didn’t have to leave so soon, but I definitely have plans in the works to come back! If you have any recommendations for the next time I visit, I’d love to know!