January 19, 2016

A Step In The Right Direction

Collage Vintage Street Style

A month ago, on Christmas Day to be exact, I applied for a job. But it wasn’t just any job. I sent in an application to be a content intern for Bloglovin’s editorial blog, The Edit.

Bloglovin’ is a company that I have been following for a number of years now; I used to download and then re-download their app multiple times because I didn’t have storage on my old phone but wanted to have it on hand. Their primary purpose is to allow users to read, organize, and discover online content from top bloggers. Readers can also curate their own content by saving their favorite posts from blogs that they follow. For someone who follows a lot of blogs, and many types of them, this is such a great tool for keeping up with all of the content I want to see.

A couple of weeks ago, the Head of Content at Bloglovin’ emailed me back. He told me that I had been selected, along with a few others, out of hundreds of applications to intern for their blog that reaches 1 million people. We got the chance to chat over FaceTime and soon after, I was sending him content ideas and questions for feedback. I am absolutely thrilled about this opportunity, to learn and grow my own skills, as well as help Bloglovin’ create amazing content for their readers.

I didn’t want to announce anything too quickly or before I had really gotten anything posted, but last night, my first post was published and I felt official enough to tell everyone. I can’t wait to see where this will take me and how this experience will help this site grow. There are so many things that are happening (and very fast too!) that have 2016 off to a wonderful start.

You can see my first post here and follow Sarah Michiko on Bloglovin’.

Featured Image from Collage Vintage.