February 24, 2016

February Playlist

February PlaylistI finally re-downloaded Spotify on my phone and am back on a great music grind. Although February is the month of love because of Valentine’s Day, I didn’t find myself listening to too many love songs. These songs are by no means unified in any way, I just like listening to all of them together. Acoustic, guitar-heavy renditions and cheery alternative tunes make up my playlist for this month.

Nevermind – alternate version | Foster the People
– I haven’t gotten the chance to listen to and accept FTP’s second album, only having heard maybe one or two songs. But hearing Mark’s voice and the FTP sound in an acoustic form is absolutely magical.
Run | COIN
–  Upbeat and fast paced, I listen to this song a lot when I walk to class or drive to downtown LA. Ironically, I hate running, but this song would do great on a workout playlist or possibly just a great listen during a chill session.
Call Me In The Afternoon (Spotify Sessions) | Half Moon Run
– The version that I listen to is from their Spotify Sessions album, but this version is equally amazing. The harmonies + the intense percussion + the swooning guitar = heaven.
The Only Thing | Sufjan Stevens
– I will admit, this one is a bit dark/saddening. Sufjan wrote it in response to his mother’s death, but the song is beautifully disguised until you give it a cold, hard listen. I think it’s quite poetic; it’s about coping with struggles in life and learning to move forwards (to me at least).
Nice and Slow | Max Frost
– Heavy bass line and catchy lyrics will have this song stuck in your head almost immediately. Trust me.
Running For Cover | Ivan and Alyosha
– As a longtime fan of Ivan and Alyosha, hearing previously unknown songs by them is always refreshing. There are also really great acoustic versions of this song, but I’ll leave that up to you to find which one is best.
Hours Were The Birds | AdriAnne Lenker
– This is currently my absolute favorite song from this playlist. The lyrics are beautifully written and the chorus is just great. I have no words of how much I love this song. Lenker’s voice is delicate and the guitar accompanies the melody in such a wonderful way. If you listen to one song in my playlist, I hope this would be it. To understand how talented Lenker is, you can watch her perform this song acoustically in her own bedroom.
Paper Knees | The Careful Ones
– At first listen, I thought it was a Bon Iver song. It sounds like a performance straight from Justin Vernon himself. I’m honestly still convinced that he’s the one singing. If you’re an avid fan of Bon Iver, listen to this for sure.
Growing Up | Run River North
– Folksy and hearty, this is reminiscent of The Head and The Heart for me. I especially love the strings section in the background.
You Haunt Me | Sir Sly
– Going back to the upbeat pop side of this playlist, I’d always heard about Sir Sly. Despite the looming title, this song is actually fun and the kind of song you can jam out to in the car.
Work It Out | Knox Hamilton
– Cue all the head bobs and hair flips because this song is absolutely perfect in every way. It’s songs like this that make me fall in love with music. I can tell you that on more than one occasion I yell along with “I know we can work it out!” at the end of each chorus and I instantly feel like having a dance party of one.
Weekend | Priory
– This song is the ultimate blast-this-song-on-Friday-when-school-gets-out song. I get pumped whenever I listen to it; hilariously enough, I don’t think I have listened to it on a weekend.. yet. This weekend that will change.

You can also listen to this playlist on Spotify. Let me know which ones are your favorites! xx