February 20, 2016

8 Cool Instagram Accounts To Follow

8 Instagrams To FollowInstagram is my favorite form of social media; it always has been. I remember being an early user in my middle school years and I’ve watched it evolve into the large visual platform it is today. Yes, I have my personal issues with the app as well, but all that it really comes down to is the sharing of personal, and uniquely beautiful, images.

A variety of people use Instagram in a variety of ways. Whether it’s a photographer who shares her latest work, an artist who publishes snapshots of his sketchbook, or a foodie who documents her daily eats, Instagram is place for everyone and anyone. In my personal experience, I have connected with others that I may not have known and I have found community with other like-minded, creative people. To say the least, it’s a wonderful resource for constant inspiration.

Here are 8 beautiful Instagram accounts, straight from my own feed, that you definitely should follow.

Winonah Estrañero | @winniestranero

Winonah EstraneroI found her account when she commented on one of my photos and seeing her feed made me hit the follow button immediately. It’s clean and fresh, each photo filled with beautifully light tones. She’s based primarily in Canada and can give you a pretty hefty case of wanderlust if you stalk her enough.

Tara Whiteman | @taramilktea

Tara Milk TeaBy far one of my favorite accounts right now, Tara’s colorful flatlays, drool-worthy eats, and captivating travels add some fun to my feed. I’m currently obsessing over her pictures from Japan right now and I’m always taking note of the cool food places she goes to when she travels, especially the ones in California from her trip a couple of weeks ago.

Mary Salas | @honeywild

Mary Salas at HoneyWild Mary is actually a really good friend of mine. She’s bubbly, creative, and absolutely adorable. I’ve known her for years but we didn’t really get to know each other until about a year ago. It’s been amazing to watch her grow into married life (and now parenthood!, cue all of the cute baby clothes) and see where her talents have taken her. Her feed is full of coffee, cozy mornings, and taking life day by day.

Alex Mazurov | @alex.mazurov

Alex Mazurov at Near The LighthouseAlex is fairly new to my feed as one of my most recently followed. I saw this image on Tumblr, and obsessively tracked it down to find his photography website. It didn’t take a long scroll through his account for me to hit follow: his photos capture fleeting moments and seem to all be lit under a grey sky. It’s gloomy, yet somehow adventurous and he takes travel photography to another level.

Logan Cole | @logancolephoto

Logan Cole PhotographyLogan Cole is one of my favorite photographers and his feed is no disappointment. He shot one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen (I’ve mentioned it on the blog more than once, so you probably know what I’m talking about) and his photography style is more than noticeable. His photos are ethereal and I’m always wishing that I could meet him one day.

Lucy Litman | @lucialitman

Lucy Litman PantoneFor all of the color lovers, Lucy’s feed is full of colorful objects accompanied with their matching Pantone strips and bright foods displaying cute puns. One of my favorite trends on Instagram is the use of Pantone pairings and real life objects. Lucy’s account is fun and interesting, sometimes even humorous.

Orion Carloto | @orionvanessa

Orion Vanessa CarlotoOn top of being a stunning person, Orion’s aesthetic is top notch. She’s a talented writer and a beautifully minimalistic sense of style. She recently attended NYFW and when she’s not posting curated moments from her life, she shares pictures of her daily outfits.

Satsuki Shibuya | @satsukishibuya

Satsuki ShibuyaI fell in love with Satsuki’s art through various encounters on Pinterest. I love being able to see new pieces of her art through her feed. The delicate watercolour sketches feel soft and intimate; I hope to purchase one of her prints soon, but for now her Instagram will do just fine.

Which ones are your favorite? Let me know who you followed and if there are other accounts I should follow! Happy Saturday! xx