March 20, 2016

Listen Up: Dan Croll

Dan Croll
First and foremost, my sister and I are two different kinds of people, especially when it comes to music. So when she sent me a text telling me about Dan Croll’s “Home”, I was skeptical. I didn’t think she understood the certain kind of sound I enjoy when I listen to a song. She said that she had heard the song in a commercial and thought I would like it. I didn’t listen to it immediately, letting it sit in my messages for a couple of days before I felt a craving for new music. I was hooked after the first few seconds and funnily enough, am listening to it right now as I write. His music is charming, combining folksy melodies with upbeat alternative hooks. His entire album, Sweet Disarray, is amazing but these songs are my current favorites.

  1. Home
  2. In / Out
  3. Only Ghost
  4. Thinkin Aboutchu
  5. Sweet Disarray
  6. Maway

Thanks sis for the recommendation. Turns out you know me all too well. (Also for more Dan Croll, check out this live rendition of Sweet Disarray and this awesome remix of In / Out by William Carl Jr.)

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