April 19, 2016

April Playlist

Balboa Island Playlist | Sarah MichikoIn the first week or so of the month, I didn’t listen to any music mostly because I was too busy. But the second week in and I had a flurry of new tunes on repeat by new artists I had never heard of. Half of this playlist is comprised of charming, folksy melodies reminiscent of The Paper Kites (who make an appearance on this playlist) and I was brought back to my senior year in high school. That kind of sound has such a relaxing quality to it for me. The other half of the playlist is more upbeat, but still quiet to an extent. Without further ado, my playlist for April:

Go do | Jónsi
– A long time ago, my friend sent me a few songs by Jónsi and, shamefully, I didn’t listen to them. Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago, I heard this song in my figure drawing class. It’s one of those songs that belongs in an inspiring film or an advertisement for some sort of adventure spot.
Garden Grays | Wildcat! Wildcat!
– I can imagine this being a cool-kid-summer-anthem and I hope to use this song in one of my videos soon!
Forest Whitaker | Bad Books
– The whistling throughout reminds me of Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John. I don’t know why, but it does.
Wait for the Moment | Vulfpeck
– This song is feels a little bluesy; the lead singer’s vocals have a great funk-and-soul aspect to them. Vulfpeck is supposed to make an appearance at OSL so maybe I’ll see them in August.
Great Summer | Vance Joy
– I subtly remember hearing this track in the movie Paper Towns. It’s really interesting to hear Vance Joy’s voice with a more pop beat.
lovers’ carvings | Bibio
– This song has two parts to it: the first part sounds like old 1960’s/1970’s folk instrumentals, the second part, which has lyrics, sounds more modern and is feature in the credits of the movie The Switch. I knew I had heard this song before when I listened to it for the first time and the fact that it’s from a Jason Bateman movie makes it even better. (P.S. To attribute to my Bateman obsession, I’m watching Arrested Development as I write this post.)
Paint | The Paper Kites
– As previously mentioned, I absolutely LOVE The Paper Kites. My friend, Nia, introduced me to them awhile back and I have some fond memories to a lot of their songs. Unfortunately, I have only listened to their Woodland EP, so hearing this song was so new to me.
Hummed Low | Odessa
– Sorry not sorry for more movie references, but (and once again, I don’t know why) this song reminds me of the siren scene in O Brother, Where Art Thou?. Odessa’s voice is so smooth and the drum in the chorus are absolutely mesmerizing.
Trees to Stone | Fremont
– I initially thought this was The Paper Kites, and so I immediately put it on my April playlist. If you like The Paper Kites, I’m guaranteeing that you’ll love this song too.
American Beauty | Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
– This song is what is missing in the music industry ever since The Civil Wars disbanded. Eloquent lyrics, beautiful melodies, pure musicality. A great find.
Shadow | Bishop Allen
– It’s very similar to a lot of She & Him ballads, minus Zooey’s crooning vocals. But this song is charming and quiet, very minimalistic in sound.