April 16, 2016


Glossier at SarahMichiko.com Two weeks ago, I dove head first into an unhealthy obsession with the beauty brand, Glossier. But let’s make a few things clear.

First and foremost, I don’t wear makeup. At least not every day. I usually brush a coat of mascara on my lashes and sometimes eyeshadow and a cat-eye if I’m feeling fancy. To be honest, I’m lazy when it comes to my beauty routine. When I was younger, I always thought makeup was either: 1) a way to cover up insecurities and not allow for self confidence, or 2) an array of heavy products that would just clog my pores and destroy my skin. I’ve grown out of both of these opinions in the past years because 1) lots of women use makeup to enhance their natural beauty and not to hide it, and 2) I’ve seen a huge increase in skin-sensitive products that are meant to let your skin breathe. But even though makeup has become a sort of fascination of mine, I was always scared to take the leap and invest in makeup. I had no idea how to apply/use what I wanted to buy and that was intimidating. Bottom line: I wanted to invest in products that were easy to use and simple to wear.

Second, I’m a huge sucker for beautiful branding identities and packaging. In my own graphic-design-marketing-nerd mind, if a company pays attention to detail on the outside, then imagine the detail and care on the inside.

So when I stumbled upon Glossier’s website, I swooned, hard and fast. Created by Emily Weiss of the beauty website Into the Gloss, Glossier’s mission is to fill the gap in the beauty industry for fun and easy basic staples that don’t require any guesswork. All of their products are basic in function, but unique in formula (cue their revolutionary Milk Jelly Cleanser). Part of me wants to just buy every single product they have but, alas, they are so popular that a majority of their items are currently out of stock. Call it a cult favorite, or just plain great, but Glossier is headed somewhere wonderful and I want my makeup shelf to be stocked with it. (P.S. Get 20% off your first purchase from Glossier using any of the Glossier links in this post!)

Balm Dotcom

Balm Dotcom Glossier at SarahMichiko.comIt’s a universal skin salve to moisturize chapped lips, dry patches, and pretty much everything else. By far, in my opinion, their most popular product (as I have seen it in countless ‘beauty staple’ articles and ‘best of’ product lists). I put it on my lips right as I unpacked it, and it left my lips feeling soft and luscious. It’s almost a mixture of lip gloss and chapstick without any tints or pigments, and it definitely gives the appearance of healthy lips while it actually repairs and moisturizes your pout.

Boy Brow in Black

Boy Brow Glossier at SarahMichiko.comEyebrows are becoming a huge part of beauty routines and there’s an array of brow products out there that seem to complicate the simple act of having brows. Boy Brow is a pomade that fluffs, shapes, AND fills your brows. It has a sheer pigment (I got mine in black, but there’s also a blond and brown option) that naturally enhances and evens out your eyebrows.

Stretch Concealer in Light

Stretch Concealer in Light Glossier at SarahMichiko.com Stretch Concealer in Light Glossier at SarahMichiko.comStretch Concealer in Light Glossier at SarahMichiko.comThis is my first concealer I’ve bought…ever. I still tend to stray away from coverage makeup such as foundations and concealers out of fear that they will make me look “cake-y” or clog my pores even more. Last year, I bought a tinted BB cream and even though it gets the job done, the beginner in my struggled with looking like I was obviously wearing foundation. After reading about their Stretch Concealer, I decided to just go for it. Glossier doesn’t believe in looking dry and caked either (because who does?), so their buildable concealer formula contains micro waxes and nourishing oils to give your skin a dewy look while still covering discoloration and blemishes. It sounds too good to be true!

Glossier at SarahMichiko.com Stretch Concealer in Light Glossier at SarahMichiko.com Glossier at SarahMichiko.com Glossier at SarahMichiko.com

Real quick about the packaging/branding. HOLY MOLY ME OH MY. So aesthetically pleasing. Fun stickers and bubble wrap clutches galore! The box it came in also has a pink inside that reads “Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always.” and I shed a tear because I’m pretty sure that’s my new beauty mantra. The pouch that the products arrived in has even become a fashion week staple by some of the biggest street style stars! Also, props to the beautiful poster that came with my order, which has provided me with the backdrop for the photos in this post.

Glossier, this is the start of a beautiful friendship.


i wish they shipped to canada!

Gorgeous packaging! I’m a sucker for good branding too!