April 15, 2016

Snow Monster

Snow Monster at Anaheim Packing House

Yesterday I took yet another trip to the Anaheim Packing District. It’s a marketplace style food court decorated with air plants and porch swings. I always find myself there with friends; whether we are grabbing a Popbar or having Indian food for lunch, there’s always something new to try. One of my foodie friends and I have been trying to go to Snow Monster in Orange County for the longest time. They serve up yummy desserts and drinks, and are famous for their cotton candy halos that encompass their treats. We heard they were having a soft opening in the Packing House (their own pop-up called “Mini Monster”) and made it our mission to finally try it (and to snag one of their cute jars).

My other friend hadn’t been there before so we walked around and looked at all of the different restaurants. I wish I had enough time (and money) to try every place in the building! We found the little station on the top floor and sampled almost every drink they had. Spoiler alert: they didn’t have their ice cream or shaved snow due to the size of the pop-up, so all that they had to offer was the drink menu. But boy, am I glad that was it. I had so much trouble trying to pick which drink to get! I got the matcha milk tea, added boba, and upgraded to their cute reusable jar (YAY). It was so tasty: sweet but without the matcha being overwhelming. As far as my friends, one of them got a strawberry sorbet Popbar and the other got a jasmine milk tea from Snow Monster. The three of us sat down at a long table with rows of air plants hanging above us and talked for hours about life. Beautiful people, beautiful conversations, beautiful food. That’s all you can ever ask for.

Anaheim Packing House Snow Monster at Anaheim Packing House Anaheim Packing House Snow Monster at Anaheim Packing House Anaheim Packing HouseAnaheim Packing House Popbar Anaheim Packing HouseAnaheim Packing HouseSnow Monster at Anaheim Packing HouseI think some of my friends and I are going to try to go to another Snow Monster so we can taste either their macaron ice cream sandwiches with cotton candy or their shaved snow! We’ll see..