May 6, 2016

Friday Favorites: Straw Hats

Straw Hats | SarahMichiko.comSummer is just around the corner (Happy May!) and I’m currently obsessed with straw hats! I have my eye on one right now, I’m just waiting for it to come off of preorder. I thought I would share some of my favorite hats for this Friday Favorites because they are absolutely perfect for sunny days. Not to mention, they are also a stylish way to protect yourself from the sun (you should still apply some SPF though!).

From top to bottom.

Eugenia Kim ‘Brigitte – A Rose is a Rose is a Rose’ Hemp & Cotton Boater Hat. – I love love love Eugenia Kim hats. They are known for having adorable sayings embroidered along the brims and I’ve seen so many bloggers wearing them (see here, here, and here). They are a little pricey for my budget, but definitely an investment staple piece.
Lack of Color ‘The Straw Big’ Wide Brim Straw Hat. – The Aussie brand, Lack of Color, is pretty much everywhere on my Instagram feed. I love all of their straw hats, but their boaters are timeless and have a very classic silhouette.
Caslon Colorblock Floppy Sun Hat. – If you’re looking for a break of color in your hat, this one from Caslon is perfect. I know, white isn’t technically a color, but this floppy hat is bound to go with everything. It’s modern and fun (and extremely affordable)!
BP. Floppy Straw Hat. – Another affordable/adorable option for beating the heat in style! The contrast between the top and brim of the hat is separated by the cutest bow! Add this hat to your look for a little feminine touch and for some great Instagram shots.

I’m hoping to get my hands on a straw hat soon in time for summer break! Which one is your favorite?

P.S. Be sure to check out my latest article on Bloglovin’ about how some of my favorite bloggers style their own straw hats!


I love that color block hat! It is so simple and fabulous, I need to get my hands on a hat for this summer!!!

eugenia kim hats are on my wishlist! a little out of my budget right now

I love the hats with words on them! So personalized and cute:)

Just discovered your blog! Love it <3

I love straw hats, I’ve been really wanting one but always feel like I can’t pull them off. I think this is the year I go for it! Love each of the ones you shared.