June 16, 2016

Words: Getting Ahead

Mark Twain Quote

Honestly, I am a procrastinator. I wouldn’t necessarily call it laziness though; I tend to work better under pressure anyways. This could be seen as a weakness, but I see it as a strength. I make quicker decisions and the “pressure” allows me to challenge myself. I am by no means praising procrastination, merely defending my own. I still, however, admire people who start things early and finish them early. I can only imagine how much time they have without stress!

Despite my procrastination, there are some things in life that I want to get started on earlier rather than later. It’s never too late to start something new and I’m sure the mental list I keep of things that I want to do is longer than I can recount. If I ever find myself doubting that I’m too far behind, I can remind myself that some people are at different places in their lives. What matters the most is that I am where I am and I can only focus on myself moving forward. Starting something is the biggest step you can make in the process of growth. That being said, I wanted to make a list of things that I have been meaning to do and that I can get a head start on.

  1. Learn how to code. Coding has become such a great skill for people, especially women, to have under their belt and I would understand digital design and blogging in a new light. And if Karlie Kloss thinks it’s important, I’ll take her word for it.
  2. Pick up a Korean beauty routine. It’s a multi-step skincare routine that brightens your skin and helps to maintain your skin’s elasticity. There are so many great products that I want to try and I’ve heard it’s praises from all of my favorite celebrities and bloggers. I already have a few (more like millions of) products in my shopping cart over at Peach & Lily, the ultimate US outlet for Korean skincare and beauty products. I am so excited to dive into this change and will update y’all as I go.
  3. Cut dairy out of my diet. This isn’t a completely mind-blowing thing to do, but for a girl who loves her desserts (preferably ones with ice cream in them) it’s a difficult move. I’m proud to say, however, that I’ve already started on this one!! I bought a carton of rice milk (which I have yet to try) to put in my smoothies/cereal and whenever I go out, I try to go for dairy-free. For example, I always order the dairy-free option at Pinkberry (woot woot for the coconut milk and mango flavors) and I now order my iced chai tea lattes with coconut milk instead!
  4. Journal. Although I have seen the many benefits of journaling, I can’t seem to keep one consistently. Personally, I’m jealous of people who keep journals. I attempted to journal during my time in Europe last year, but I fell through within the first few days. I love the idea of writing down memories and being able to look back and remember those times.
  5. Run/walk more. I put “run” just to be optimistic. In all honesty, I hate running. I did cross country for one year in high school and refused to run ever again. However, recently looking back on that time made me realize the (hard-earned) benefits of running and how in shape I used to be. I love going on walks with my dog, but she isn’t much of a runner either. I am hoping to try running again and hoping to enjoy it this time around.

I was discouraged when I first started my blog. I saw how many other blogs existed and thought I was behind. After some bouts with self-doubt and fear, I took the leap. If you want to start something, just start. The first step is the most important step, and it is definitely the secret to getting ahead. What is something you want to start on? Let me know!!


I’m a procrastinator also. Such a great article, thank you for sharing!

Such a great post! I to am a procrastinator, but I’m trying to get in the habit of doing things right away.


These are wonderful tips that I’m going to look into– like cutting out dairy!

Xo, Lauryn

Cutting out dairy is so hard! Haha! Thank goodness for dairy-free Ben and Jerry’s!

This is literally exactly what I needed to hear! I am in the midst of starting a few different companies and your reminder that starting is the biggest steps makes me take a breath and realize I did start and I am going somewhere…thanks for the words!

Good luck with your ventures, Larissa!! You are definitely going somewhere 🙂

Way to go girl!!! I’m the same way! I put the PRO in procrastination 😉 Keep marching along though and I think I’m off to check out this Peach and Lilly that and procrastinate my inbox. 🙂

DO IT! I’m obsessed with all of their products and I apologize for contributing to your procrastination 😉