August 17, 2016

End of Summer Playlist

End of Summer Playlist

I used to be very consistent posting my monthly playlists. So when summer approached, I prepared myself to create the three most epic summer playlists for each month. But I forgot to post them every month. Sorry.

I did, however, keep track of my most-listened-to songs throughout the summer and I can’t wait to share them! I know that summer is practically over for most people and it’s back to work/school in a matter of weeks. But for what we have left of this wonderful summer, I hope that these songs will sweeten the final days of freedom before we have to return to our responsibilities.

It has been a trying, yet unforgettable summer and this playlist has gotten me through it. It has been on repeat through the late night drives home from $5 movie nights, the day trips to Point Reyes and my best friend’s lake house, the lazy mornings in and the times where I just spent time by myself. Some of these songs are top hits that you’ve probably heard a thousand times already; and you probably haven’t even heard of others. But I think that there is something for everyone on this playlist and whenever I listen to it, I will always remember this summer.

And in case you were wondering, I took this picture two years ago. It’s crazy how time flies. Let me know which songs are your favorite! What have you been listening to this summer? I’d love to know!


I Have a Suggestion for You Dear Sarah : Up & Up by Coldplay ( Fab Song with a Fantasy Video ) ; Bye Bye , Have a Magic September !!!

I love that song and the music video! It’s just so brilliant! Thank you Alfredo!