February 14, 2017


Valentine's Day flatlay

This Valentine’s Day was, honestly, a tad bit stressful. My car wouldn’t start for about a half hour, leaving me stranded in the Trader Joe’s parking lot. I spent the next three hours waiting for my battery to be replaced, only to have the new one be a dud. After my (gracious) mother picked me up from the shop, I immediately went home to get ready for work. A couple of special flower arrangements were delivered and I was able to nibble on some sweet macarons from Ginger Elizabeth before heading out.

I didn’t quite spend this Valentine’s Day like I had planned. I wanted to treat myself to some dessert downtown, maybe do a face mask after work. But life is always throwing curve balls. And that’s okay. Today held a lot of reflection for me in my personal life. I love love. If you know me, you know that am I am, desparately, a hopeless romantic. So today, being single, was hard. Don’t get me wrong, being single has its many benefits and learning + growing into my own is so rewarding. But on a day where relationships are (rightfully) glorified, it gave me some time to reflect on where I am right now.

I can’t wait for my forever valentine. I can’t wait until the day where I commit to the love of my life. But until that happens, I have to remember that, while my forever valentine is out there, I am also my own forever valentine. I can shower myself with love, treat myself with respect and adoration. This part of my life could very much be the last time I’ll be single (you never know!). I need to be content in this age. I’m young with (relatively) no major responsibilities; this is a period where I can be deepening friendships, discovering more about myself, learning about the world around me. So yeah, I can’t wait to meet my forever, but singleness is an amazing gift and I need to cherish it.

Top image, listed left to right: Urban Outfitters bralette, Ginger Elizabeth macarons, Anthropologie lipstick, Madewell ring, TonyMoly I’m Real sheet mask, Fossil ‘Jacqueline’ watch.

Ginger Elizabeth macarons, flowers, and an Urban Outfitter's braletteGinger Elizabeth macarons Ginger Elizabeth macarons Ginger Elizabeth macarons