April 28, 2017

Weekend Links V03

Weekend Links 03

Boy oh boy, April has been a hectic month. I feel like I say that every month, but it’s true nonetheless. If we are looking ahead, May is about to be even crazier! My sister has her prom next weekend, I have a few sessions lined up, and… I’m going to New York City! What a dream come true. The two destinations I’ve always wanted to visit since I was little: NYC and Paris. With Paris already crossed off my list, this upcoming trip is going to be a whirlwind!

In other news, I’m currently in Los Angeles for a much-needed vacation. Hopefully, my schedule here will allow for a shoot or two, to help me keep with my goal, but I do have some other exciting things lined up for this weekend! In an attempt to remain “frequent” at posting, I’ve compiled another weekend links roundup to hold the blog over until the travel posts start pouring in again.

  1. Finding artists through the internet is almost an obsession of mine. Enter Brazilian illustrator Willian Santiago. I found some of his prints on my Pinterest and it was love at first sight. My favorite series of his is Kalemba; the color palettes are so dreamy! One of my goals for this year was to support more artists, so I may have found the first art print to hang on my bedroom wall.
  2. This gingham two piece set from Reformation.
  3. At one point in my photography career, I’d love to dive into fashion photography. Editorials from high fashion magazines are actually one of my biggest sources for inspiration. Tim Walker is at the top of my list; I’ve been loving this shot of Jennifer Lawrence and this shot of Reese Witherspoon. See more of his work here.
  4. Speaking of Reese Witherspoon, my mom and I are still reeling from the finale of HBO’s biggest new show, Big Little Lies. The show itself is very well done, bursting with great cinematography and an intriguing plot. I truly believe that each of the actors/actresses deliver career-defining performances. If you get into it, you’ll quickly realize that the spine and heart of the show, besides the storyline, is in the music. Viewers and critics agree, the music is the show’s strongest character. My personal favorite is September Song by Agnes Obel. Whether you watch the show or not, this song will make you feel some type of way.
  5. My biggest internal struggle of the moment: do I need these shoes? My heart, mind, and wallet are leaning towards yes.
  6. To add a little bit of wanderlust to your life, drool over this trip to Santorini, Greece. Pinterest-worthy doesn’t even begin to describe it.
  7. While planning our trip to New York, I’ve been bookmarking tons of food guides to the Big Apple. The most important one I’ve found: eating ice cream in NYC. A few of these spots were already on my list, but some of the other places look really good!
  8. Have you ever driven from Northern California to Southern California? Well, no matter the distance, the drive certainly feels long. Especially coming from Sacramento to Los Angeles. And sometimes music can get old (*crowd gasps at the idea of music becoming boring*) on a seven hour drive. I wanted to listen to something that could hold my attention for a long period of time while helping me forget how long I would be in the car. I had heard about Serial, a murder mystery nonfiction podcast that gained nationwide attention and intrigue, so naturally I knew it had to be good. Before I even listened to it myself, I recommended the show to a friend. Long story short, she got hooked and raved about how fascinating it was. Nine episodes in, and it’s my latest obsession. Many people have told me that season one far surpasses season two, and I’ll just take their word for it. (I listen to Serial on my iPhone Podcasts app, but you can also listen to the first season on their website, which I have linked above.)
  9. Lina Saber’s instagram boasts colorful, healthy recipes for vegan eating. I’m no vegan, or even vegetarian, but I can say that I personally would like to eat a bit healthier these days. She just started a blog and posted this recipe for “mermaid” nice cream. What is nice cream, you ask? Nice cream is Lina’s vegan take on ice cream: creamy and healthy frozen desserts. Most of her nice cream recipes require frozen bananas, but this one in particular substitutes coconut! In my opinion, coconut fulfills my sweet tooth better than bananas will, so I plan on giving it a try! Lina also plans on releasing an app for her multitude of nice cream recipes.
  10. Haim released a new song called “Right Now”, proving time and again that they are a force to be reckoned with.