May 5, 2017

Palm Springs iPhone Diary

Mirage in Palm Springs, California

One of the main reasons I traveled down to LA was to take a day trip to Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. A giant art installation, spread out along the desert, was celebrating its closing weekend and I felt this pressing desire to attend. Although I had tried to rally a group together, it came down to just me and Bryn. (Girls trip!)

Palm Springs/Coachella is a surprisingly short drive from Orange County, or at least shorter than I expected. We finished up a few episodes of Serial, and arrived at the Ace Hotel to pick up our map. The exhibit’s different installations didn’t exactly have addresses; the map gave us coordinates and a basic outline of Palm Springs to follow. Out of the twelve available locations (a few of them closed early), we visited the three which were probably the most popular anyways. Each piece was the artist’s take on a global or local issue; I found it interesting that all of the pieces we saw were related to the landscape itself. The experience made me think a lot about the issues it displayed, as art should.

Besides actual portraits that I took on location, I chose to not use my camera to capture any of the exhibits. However, there are times I do genuinely enjoy only using my iPhone to take pictures. D technology nowadays, phone cameras have increased in quality, while the amount of editing apps available allows for endless possibilities.

So, just a quick disclaimer: I shot and edited all of these images on my iPhone 6s.

Ace Hotel, Palm SpringsMirage in Palm Springs, CaliforniaMirage in Palm Springs, California Mirage in Palm Springs, CaliforniaPalm Springs, California Mirage in Palm Springs, CaliforniaMoorten's Botanical Garden, Palm SpringsMoorten's Botanical Garden, Palm SpringsMoorten's Botanical Garden, Palm SpringsPalm Springs, CaliforniaPalm Springs, California Palm Springs, CaliforniaPalm Springs, California