June 8, 2017

The Oculus + My First Time in Soho

The Oculus, NYC

For our second day in New York, we laid low and did some casual exploring. As part of our pass, we chose admission to the 9/11 Tribute Center, not to be mistaken with the Memorial Museum. Arriving at the World Trade Center, we found out that we had made that mistake and chose to visit another day. (The Tribute Center, although separate from the Memorial Museum, is definitely worth a visit. The experience touches the personal stories of 9/11; I would highly recommend the walking tour.)

The Oculus is a new train station and luxury shopping center neighboring the World Trade buildings. Its beautiful design imitates a bird in flight and is currently adding newer terminals for more transit options. Leading underground, we walked to Brookfield Place, a bustling food court overlooking the city skyline.

Due to the gloomy weather, we couldn’t do much outdoor exploring and opted to spend the day shopping in Soho. But not before a quick stop at our favorite Parisian patisserie: Laduree! The last time we ate their drool-worthy macarons, we were visiting the Palace of Versailles in Paris. I completely forgot how tasty they are. Plus, their boxes are the perfect keepsake. After my first time in Soho, I fell in love with the neighborhood. I would later come back another couple of times for shopping and great food.

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