October 13, 2017

Weekend Links V06

Venice Beach California // Weekend Links SarahMichiko.com

Finally! The weekend has commenced! This week has been as busy as ever. Coming fresh off of my vacation, I threw myself back into my job and a new internship! That’s why this weekend links post is a tad short. Almost all of my time recently has gone to work-related matters, but I’m excited to blog more.

  1. This song I found via this Apple Watch commercial. The last minute and a half is my favorite part.
  2. I’ve been finding a lot of Wes Anderson inspired things on the internet lately, like this Instagram account, this photo, and this music video!
  3. In almost any conversation I have with people about amazing wedding photographers, India Earl comes up 99.9% of the time. She recently blogged this Scotland wedding and Icelandic honeymoon. I’m still not over it!! Usually her tones are too warm for my liking, but the images she produced during this wedding…. pure magic!
  4. Back in LA, my friends and I were driving home late on the I-5. I turned on this playlist that my friend Ari made and we danced the whole way home!
  5. This interior tour, but mostly the bathrooms!! The bunny print wallpaper is adorable!
  6. More recently, I had this sudden desire to start shooting film with the old analog camera I inherited from my great uncle. While looking for a lab, I found Carmencita! I was reading their blog, and every image from this roundup inspire me!
  7. ICYMI – I posted a new photo session from my day in Venice Beach! Not only is it full of photos of my bff, I also included some of my Venice recommendations!