November 1, 2017

An Autumnal Playlist

An Autumn Playlist

Close your eyes. Just kidding, you can’t close your eyes because then you wouldn’t be able to read this. But you get the point.

Imagine this: you are in the passenger seat of your best friend’s car. Your roll down the window and you lean your head out to feel the warm sunlight on your face. The road winds left and right, zig zagging back and forth, and you are surrounded by trees covered in orange and yellow leaves. Your best friend is blasting their music, and it all feels right.

Well, hello, nice to meet you: I’m your best friend and this is my autumn playlist for the fall season.

An Autumn Playlist

But before I get to chase in less than 100 words, I’d like to leave a little list of things I love about fall!

  1. Fresh apple cider from Apple Hill. (My Sacramento folks know what’s up!)
  2. The smell of petrichor.
  3. Wearing sweaters and jeans without breaking a sweat.
  4. Caramel tastes better.
  5. And cinnamon ends up on everything.
  6. And everything becomes pumpkin-flavored.
  7. Crunching leaves under your boots.
  8. Staying in while it rains.
  9. I don’t know about you, but fall is my favorite time for getting ramen, especially at this little place in Sac called Shoki Ramen House.
  10. Watching The Nightmare Before Christmas from October to December.

So without further ado, listen to my autumn playlist below or click here and follow the playlist for any future additions!