January 25, 2018

January 2018 Playlist

January Playlist for 2018 | SarahMichiko.com

Beware: I may or may not get unnecessarily introspective, but you can skip ahead and listen to my January playlist. New year, new tunes.


I think the key theme for this playlist (and for this year) is making monuments. Not literal stone monuments, but commemorating the little things in big ways. In the Mutemath song (see lyrics below), every lyric fills me with this indescribable appreciation for the year ahead of me. I think about the friendships that have yet to form, the places I have yet to visit, and the moments I have yet to experience.

There’s a daylight going under
There’s a new spark to discover
And you know we’re not getting any younger
So remember, this is our time
I wanna drive an open road
Can we go out tonight
Anything goes
Let’s make a monument for our love


The chorus of this song repeats “And we’re all, heavy with the weight of who we are“. I heard this lyric and almost burst into tears. Because on one hand, I’m excited for what’s ahead. On the other hand, who I am now and who I want to be are two very different people. “I’m counting on a breakthrough.” Boy, am I.

Listen to the full playlist here or below. You can follow me on Spotify, too! #shamelessplug