January 12, 2018

Sarah’s Saved 01

Sarah's Instagram Saves | SarahMichiko.com

Awhile back, in some situation I can’t exactly recall, I was pulling up a post that I had buried in my Instagram saves. I view my saved section as a way to gather inspiration and curate my own mini-moodboard of sorts. A friend of mine, while watching me scroll through my saves, mentioned that I had used the saved section well. In fact, a few people have DM’d me when I posted screenshots of my saved section (thank you, you know who you are!). I got to thinking, how can I just constantly share my Instagram saves in a more detailed way, without spending a ton of time on stories? Light bulb: screenshot the grid and make a blog post out of it with links to all the OG sources! So yeah, that’s pretty much what this is.

From left to right, top to bottom.

  1. Create & Cultivate
  2. Lisa Says Gah
  3. Richard Photo Lab
  4. Mansur Gavriel
  5. SPELL Byron Bay
  6. SPELL Byron Bay
  7. Prism Boutique
  8. The Mrs. Box
  9. Lisa Says Gah
  10. Urban Outfitters
  11. Jose Villa
  12. Jana Kirn
  13. Fujifilm Profilm
  14. Brianna Vail
  15. Man Repeller

If you like these quick inspiration posts or have any ideas of how to improve this series, let me know!