March 5, 2018

February 2018 Playlist

February 2018 Playlist

I swear, every time I blog, I realize how much I don’t blog. Ideally, I’d love to throw blog posts up weekly or twice weekly. January felt like a slow roll and February flew by like the blink of an eye.

Quick recap:

  • Artifact Uprising reposted my photo (yay!)
  • we watched our high school friend perform in his new band (check out their new single here)
  • I hosted a galentine’s day picnic in the park (and forgot to take a single photo!)
  • my friends and I visited Carmel for a weekend for my job
  • some friends from Biola finally visited me in Sacramento(!)
  • my other bff came home from school and we celebrated her turning 21 (see her quote about getting older here)

Even though February is “love month”, I celebrated Valentine’s day by myself again this year. And for this (last) month’s playlist, I attempted to stay love-centric. I listened to songs about falling in love and falling out of love, almost exclusively. Two songs of note:

  1. Fire/Fear. A song about falling out of love and wanting to fall back in love again. It’s one of those songs that can tear at your heart strings, regardless of where you’re at in your love life. Honestly, there were plenty of times when I would listen to this song and practically yell the last two lines.
  2. Paradise. It’s mostly on this playlist because, oh dang, George Ezra is back! If you like George Ezra as much as I do, I also recommend checking out his new podcast.

Listen to my February playlist below or click here.