March 26, 2018

Sarah’s Saved 02

Sarah's Instagram Saves 02 | featuring J.Crew, Delpozo, Mansur Gavriel Paloma Wool, Copenhagan and Zara

Continuing with a series of pretty grids from my Instagram saves; as you can see, I’m currently inspired by soft-pastel primary colors and shadow play. Honestly, Instagram and I have a love and hate relationship. Sometimes, I’ll catch myself scrolling mindlessly and become overwhelmed at how much time I spend on an app. But other times, I feel overwhelmed in a good way: inspired and moved by some of the things people post. Artists, friends, brands, publications can be constant sources of creative inspiration for me and I don’t want to take that for granted. However, I need to be more mindful about the amount of time I dedicate to something so fleeting.

Anyways, rant over. Click through for more deets on my saved section!

(See Sarah’s Saved 01 here.)

From left to right, top to bottom. 

  1. Theo Wenner for Zara
  2. Image by @trousseaux
  3. A J.Crew exclusive Marysia swimsuit and pink raincoat. A dreamy combo.
  4. Delpozo SS18
  5. Lamb Multi Strap Sandal & Linen Flare Pant Sun from Mansur Gavriel
  6. @thedevilswearzara spring style inspo
  7. Perfect art direction (as always) via Paloma Wool.
  8. Tessa Perlow’s embroidery: craft goals.
  9. Tyler Thomas
  10. The Round Tower, Copenhagan, also by Tyler Thomas
  11. Anna Rifle Bond’s paint palette
  12. Mansur Gavriel sky blue color inspo