April 30, 2018

April 2018 Playlist

April Playlist 2018 | SarahMichiko.com Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas NV

My April playlist, this time with one condition: do not shuffle. The first portion of the playlist is in order, and it’s magical, so don’t shuffle whatever you do.

Some of the memories attached to these songs:

  • Only listening to Laura Marling’s suite on repeat for days at a time and watching youtube videos in an attempt to learn the guitar chords.
  • Driving down to LA late at night with a new book and two loaves of my grandma’s banana bread.
  • Picking an old friend up from the airport.
  • My first baseball game, with my closest friends, under the city skyline.
  • Late nights in DTLA and eating fries at Wurstküche in the Arts District until 2am.
  • Finding the best matcha latte I’ve ever had.
  • Meeting up with new friends, Emily and Jordie, in San Francisco and talking about the enneagram in Dolores Park. (Plus, two of the songs on the playlist were produced by Jordie!)
  • Songs heard in coffee shops up and down the state.
  • Walking around the Mission district in SF at the end of the night in search of some vegan ice cream, but with no luck.
  • My best friend Bryn insisting that I listen to Vance Joy’s new album, met with reluctance by yours truly. But gosh dang it, she was right and it is good.
  • Listening to music in a new way, one album at a time. I still like my playlists, though.

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