April 2, 2018

March 2018 Playlist

March Playlist | SarahMichiko.com featuring Bon Iver, Dr. Dog, Laura Marling, Frank Ocean, and more

I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that this might be my favorite playlist so far. From songs I hear at work to old favorites from ages past, this playlist truly encapsulates my month.

Creature Fear // I swear, Bon Iver music complements gloomy + rainy days. A few days into March, Sacramento became covered with a slew of heavy rain and lightning storms (both terrifying and exciting). As someone who rarely dresses for the weather, I would wait in my car, engine off, listening to For Emma, Forever Ago. I remember back when I was “younger”, Creature Fear was my favorite song off of the album. A song for a more innocent time, I guess.

Nouel // I am writing a post where I literally rant about Laura Marling for paragraphs longer than I should. But for now, I highly suggest to listening to Semper Femina in its entirety. It touches on the complexities of women and female relationships and it’s so. good.

We Were Meant To Be Together // One of my favorite Netflix finds this month: Judd Apatow’s Love. I’ve mentioned before that music can make a show, and this couldn’t be truer about Love. I think the first episode features this song; probably the reason why I felt a little bit more romantic this month.

Solo // I saw Lorde live for the fourth time and she pulled out all of the stops by doing a cover of Frank Ocean’s song. The other day, my sister and I drove to SF and listened to Frank Ocean the whole way there.

The Breeze // This month, I’ve become slightly obsessed with this song. I feel it’s one of those songs that you feel like you’ve heard before, but you can’t exactly place where. A feel-good vibe.

Listen to my March playlist below or click here.