April 28, 2018

Weekend Links V08

Weekend Links V08 | sarahmichiko.com

*Cue the song Weekend by Priory.* This weekend links round-up is brought to you by my first Saturday to myself in 8 weeks. That’s right, 8 weeks. Work, shoots, birthday parties, travel, it’s all fun (don’t get me wrong!) but I can’t remember the last Saturday I had when I just Netflix-and-chilled. Well folks, today I broke that streak and I’m not complaining one bit.

I recently traveled to LA to visit my best friends and as soon as I got back, I dove right back into work. Luckily, I had the next weekend off, but I spent all of it driving back and forth to San Francisco. I’m house-sitting this weekend but nothing has made me happier than laying on the couch, getting some things done and writing out this blog post!

P.S. The photos in this post are of my bffs Bryn and Paige, the day before Bryn turned 21! We went to a coffee shop in Auburn and I made them stand in front of this blossoming tree, you know, for the memories. Scroll through to the end for my weekend links!

Weekend Links V08 | sarahmichiko.com Weekend Links V08 | sarahmichiko.com Weekend Links V08 | sarahmichiko.com

  1. This break-up letter with Instagram. Pretty much sums up how I feel about the platform. But it’s just a platform. If anyone else wants to discuss social media qualms, hit me up in the comments.
  2. I’ve watched an unhealthy amount of Netflix Originals in the past month, including GLOW, Love, Nailed It!, and Zumbo’s Just Desserts. Strong women and baking, am I right?! But anyways, in Zumbo’s Just Desserts, two bakers have to recreate a crazy dessert turducken: a Franken-Zumbo. It combines a brownie, lemon tart, ricotta pancake, raspberry gel, chantilly cream, pavlova and macarons (literally all of my favorite desserts wrapped into one). This Buzzfeed article had me cry-laughing when one of the writers attempted to do it at home. Read for a good laugh.
  3. An example of God’s faithfulness in a dear friend’s life.
  4. I haven’t seen Isle of Dogs yet (gasp! I know), but this fun GQ article about working with Wes Anderson fuels my dream of being a part of his posse. Not to mention, I appreciate the beautiful portrait photography featuring all of the actors/crew members from the article.
  5. I mentioned it before on Instagram, but I really really really want to plan a trip to Japan. (Particularly in the spring because SAKURA!). But recently an Instagram friend of mine posted her guide to Osaka and I. am. swooning. My dad once told me that we have family in Osaka and I felt dead set on visiting ever since!
  6. My third Japan-related weekend link (Isle of Dogs is set in Japan): this article about the youth in Tokyo connecting movement and the city. Being an Asian-American woman has become a huge part of my identity as of lately, and I love learning more about my culture and seeing Japanese people in a positive, inspiring light. Note that this article is also accompanied by amazing photography.
  7. Packaging can make or break a product/company/brand. Via Pinterest, beautifully packaged weekend underwear.
  8. This Urban Outfitters top. I saw a girl come into my work wearing the navy version and I immediately complimented her on it. If I finally press ‘checkout’ on my cart, I think I’ll get the yellow (because, duh, yellow).
  9. This article that touches on getting caught up in God’s ‘calling’ for your life and what our true calling should be. A great read that made its way into many of my recent conversations.
  10. Apparently, you share brain waves with your bestie.
  11. This list of ways to boost your happiness through spontaneity.
  12. I purchased this dress recently and it’s perfect for some trips I have coming up.. *winky face*!
  13. I was reading this blog post from Garance Dore when I saw the headline “Peggy Guggenheim’s great-grandson is reinventing contemporary art galleries!” Immediately clicked on it. Now, tell me you wouldn’t want to visit this amazing art gallery in Tulum. I’ll wait….. yeah, that’s what I thought.

Weekend Links V08 | sarahmichiko.com