May 3, 2019

Palette: It’s Not Easy Being Chartreuse

Palette: It's Not Easy Being Chartreuse |

Why does green get so much hate? At least in the photography community, there is a huge trend in muting vibrant greens into dull grey blues. While I was into that look for a period of time, now I’m all about the green, particularly the shade that is hard to describe. It’s not quite mustard yellow, not quite olive green, so chartreuse is the only way I can really peg this color.

While I was in Greece, Katie went on a 5 hour hike (she’s crazy, I know) and befriended a stranger that told us about a famous bookstore in Oia called Atlantis Books. The store was covered wall to wall and floor to ceiling, with rare first editions of classics on display on the highest shelves.

Being the sentimental traveler that I am, I knew I wanted a souvenir from Atlantis, but what? I couldn’t justify buying a book I could get at a Barnes and Noble back at home; I surely couldn’t justify buying a first (and expensive) edition of a book I’d never read. As I headed out of the bookshop empty-handed, I was stopped by a pile of colorful spines placed on a table near the door. As it turns out, Atlantis had a selection of blank hardcover branded journals for sale. Sold. Immediately, I picked up the off-green colored one and there started my chartreuse obsession.

Top to bottom, left to right.

  1. Image via Paloma Wool
  2. Paloma S.
  3. Schumacher Betwixt fabric weave
  4. Peony Swimwear
  5. Chartreuse throw blanket via sfgirlbybay
  6. Faithfull The Brand dress
  7. Céline Pre Fall 2016
  8. Dylan Mierzwinski
  9. Rosemarine Textile chartreuse napkins