August 13, 2019

My Experience Shooting with Dubblefilm

It must be some sort of pattern that I only blog once every couple of months. Even more so, I wait (as my friend Maddie puts it) “centuries” to develop my film. To be honest, I have seven undeveloped rolls in a bowl on top of my dresser at my parents’ house.

Luckily, I was able to test shoot two experimental film rolls for The Darkroom Lab via my friend Trev. He gave me Sunstroke and Bubblegum, both from Dubblefilm. To be honest, the Bubblegum roll was underwhelming, and looked like it was extremely expired film. The intended effect was supposed to be a pink tint to the film, but all of my photos turned out faded and muted (almost to a point beyond comprehension). Granted, I did shoot it in overcast weather, probably underexposed; I probably should have photographed something sunnier.

The roll featured in this post was my favorite (obviously) of the two, Sunstroke. Pre-exposed to light leaks and rewound back into the canister, every shot will be a delightful surprise to see where the leaks land. Since these rolls were lent to me to shoot, Trev had them developed for me and it reminded me of that anxious excitement while you wait for your scans to arrive.

I photographed Sunstroke at box speed, properly exposed for every shot. Developed by The Darkroom Lab. Thank you to Maddie for letting me practice the roll on her pretty lil’ face.

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(P.S. I think Dubblefilm renamed Sunstroke to “Solar” but the effects are the same!)