April 6, 2020

One Year Film Dump: Fujifilm Superia 400

Remember how I had over one year’s worth of film to share? Well, one frantic night during quarantine, I decided to organize all nine rolls worth, both by date and by stock. Admittedly, I stayed up until 3am, carefully analyzing all of my scans, placing rolls within certain time periods and guessing their stocks based on tones alone. Then, of course, I realized I could just look at the negatives and see what stock it was. Turns out, I was right on all of my guesses! Since I have so much film to share, I’m splitting them up by stock. Luckily, it will still be chronological since I shot each stock one batch at a time! First up, Fujifilm Superia 400!

I bought this stock to try out Fujifilm for the first time since I’m mostly a Kodak girl. Originally, the pack came with three rolls, but I accidentally destroyed one of them when I opened the camera and forgot I had a roll inside.

All film shot on FUJIFILM Fujicolor X-TRA Superia 400 Color Negative Film developed and scanned from The Darkroom Lab.

Canon Canonet Rangefinder, October 2018

Memories on this roll:

  • Befriending a group of barbers
  • Coffee dates with Alex and a baby Izzy
  • Little girl birthday parties ending in go-karting around the property
  • Finding extreme joy in someone spilling cake sprinkles in the cracks of the sidewalk

Canon EOS Rebel 2000, October 2018-November 2018

Memories on this roll:

  • Apple Hill in the fall with some girlfriends
  • Sunday farmer’s markets after church
  • Shooting film with Maddie
  • Seeing my friend’s band play live