April 10, 2020

One Year Film Dump: Scotland + More on Kodak Portra 400

Drumroll please… the second part of my one year film dump! Kodak Portra 400 is my favorite film stock, and for good reason! I love the warm tones the stock provides and the speed is great for a multitude of lighting situations. It’s those big factors that led to me shooting it while I was in Scotland on a work assignment. Since all of my digital photos would mainly be for the clients, the only personal photos I have from the trip are all on film! It was my first time taking and shooting film abroad; big thanks to this blog post from The Darkroom about traveling with film.

Two out of the three rolls have Scotland memories on them; the rest of the photos are the beginnings of 2019.

All photos taken on Canon Rebel 2000 with Kodak Portra 400 35mm film, processed and scanned by The Darkroom Lab.

Scotland, Pt. I

Memories on this roll:

  • Arriving at Culloden House for the first time with my friend Kelly along for the ride
  • Tea all day every day
  • Strolls through the property’s garden with Kelly and my new British pal, Tom
  • Visiting the Urquhart Castle ruins

Scotland, Pt. II + January 2019

Memories on this roll:

  • Visiting the Kilchurn Castle ruins
  • A rainy last day at Taychreggan Hotel with my co-worker turned close confidante Francisco
  • Midtown Sacramento portraits with best friend Maddie
  • Sending off friend Heana in San Francisco before she moved to NYC
  • Working with friends in the same coffee shop but at separate tables

March 2019

Memories on this roll:

  • Showing my best friend Paige the best matcha in San Francisco (Stonemill Matcha, if you must know)
  • Testing out double exposures by the Dutch Windmill in Golden Gate Park
  • Hanging out with friends from church for a photo shoot
  • Spending a weekend in the city for a friend’s birthday